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We work with our farmers to improve the productivity, fertility and health of their soil… creating uncommonly rich farmland.

Our Organic OMRI certified Liquid Humate line is the best Humate product on the market. Our product is simply the finest, purest, most potent and most unique Liquid Humate available from any supplier, at any price, anywhere in the world.

Our Team holds unique materials in a variety of processing technologies. These breakthrough technologies allow us, for the first time, to produce our truly new and unique Liquid Humate product line that stands above everything else in the market.

Best Liquid Humates In The Industry!
Latest News 
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Welcome India!


Green Earth Agriculture is excited to welcome India to the Green Earth family.

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Welcome Peru!


Green Earth Agriculture is excited to welcome Peru to the Green Earth family.

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Green Earth Agriculture is dedicated to the most effective, environmentally safe and cost competitive solutions to improve the health nutritional content, yield and quality of soils and agriculture. Green Earth Agriculture is continuing to innovate the agriculture industry with unparalleled case studies and reviews.  

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