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Countries & Testimonials

Green Earth Agriculture is rapidly expanding across the globe with distributors and governments taking advantage of Innovation H1. If you are looking to buy or become a distributor please contact us via our commercial orders page.
United States

GEA has had great success in our own backyard of the United States rapidly expanding our footprint in the commercial farming sector as well as the commercial cannabis sector. 

We are currently accepting applications for new distributors as well as direct orders for commercial orders, please us the contact us button below.

Guy India holding gea.png
India flag.webp

Green Earth Agriculture is deeply entrenched with India's farming community, delivering staggering results and boosting yields at an unheard-of rate. 

Some of our Production and Testimonials Include:


  • Rice 

  • Wheat

  • Sugarcane

  • Citrus Fruit 

  • Spice

  • Passion Fruit

Currently have shipping and distribution really available in India, please use the contact us button below.

India Rice Fields'.png
Rice with GEA.png

With GEA


Rice without GEA.png

Without GEA

Dragon Fruit.jpeg
Dragon Fruit4.jpeg
Dragon Fuit2.jpeg
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