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Our raw materials are all sourced and manufactured in the United States. We exercise strict quality control over every compound used in our products and every manufacturing process from start to finish. We tightly control and guarantee the quality of every aspect of our product.
Liquid Humate
Mine Reclamation

Liquid Humate line is the finest liquid humate on the market. Our product is simply the purest, most potent and premium Liquid Humate available from any supplier, at any price.

• Use up to 20% less fertilizer

• Use up to 15% less water

• Pasteurized for purity

• Better nutrient uptake

• A highly effective bacteriacide & bacteriastat

• A fine colloidal suspension that won't clog spray nozzles 

• Balances PH

• Sequesters sodium

• Adds dozens of critical soil minerals & nutrients

• Replenishes the soil with high quality nutrients

• Completely Organic 

• Improves the soil's ability to retain oxygen, water and nutrients

Price & Logistics

Green Earth Agricultures pricing varies customer to customer depending on costumers location, size of order etc. Green Earth is now selling samples as well to allow testing before purchase. Green Earth Agriculture is happy to match any vendors quote, please contact us for pricing.

Reclaiming mining land after mining activity has terminated is an important and often very expensive aspect of mining. The mining process often strips the soil of all nutrients, minerals and organic matter. If the soil does not receive a fresh infusion of organic matter, minerals and nutrients, the re-planting effort is doomed to failure. 

The Green Earth Agriculture Humate products provide outstanding, scientifically proven, organic, time-tested support for all types of new vegetation. 

Our products are very cost effective costing only a few dollars per acre. The cost may be small but the impact is huge. 

The reclamation effort is inevitably very costly and time intensive. 

Our products provide invaluable insurance against project failure. The nutrition provided by our Humate products gives new plantings all the support they need to flourish and reestablish the native ecosystem. 

Our scientists can even create custom blends that provide special nutrients and properties tailored to each specific type of project. 

Do the job right! Give your vegetation complete nutrition. 

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