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Product & Technology

How our technology works:

Organic Humates builds a stronger root system by increasing root respiration and root formation. Our humates increase the Cation Exchange Capacity of the soil and facilitate nutrient absorption. It is a great source of energy for beneficial soil organisms, which influence both soil fertility and plant health while improving aeration of soil and water retention in heavy and compact soils. The humates also prevent water and nutrient losses in light sandy soils. So healthier roots hold soil, minimizing erosions and when added directly to soil it improves its quality and ability to grow crops. When added to urea, fertilizer and lime it improves their performance and when added to seeds it improves their strike rate and encourages root growth. 

Liquid Humate
Reasearch & Development 

Liquid Humate line is the finest liquid humate on the market. Our product is simply the purest, most potent and premium Liquid Humate available from any supplier, at any price.

• Use up to 20% less fertilizer

• Use up to 15% less water

• Pasteurized for purity

• Better nutrient uptake

• A highly effective bacteriacide & bacteriastat

• A fine colloidal suspension that won't clog spray nozzles 

• Balances PH

• Sequesters sodium

• Adds dozens of critical soil minerals & nutrients

• Replenishes the soil with high quality nutrients

• Completely Organic 

• Improves the soil's ability to retain oxygen, water and nutrients

Reasearch & Development 

Fully Pasteurized: For purity and safety, we are careful to pasteurize our Humates to remove any pathogens or contamination.

High Carbon Content: Carbon is the fundamental building block of life. Our Liquid Humate has a higher pure carbon content than anything else on the market - 40 to 70%.

Concentration: Our most popular formulation is the industry standard 7.63% humic acid concentration. Our Fulvic acid is 1.62% and carbon base back to the soil is 3%.

Minerals: Our Liquid Humate features more than 50 highly beneficial minerals… providing excellent support and nutrition to crops.

Ultra Low Undesirable Metals: Our Liquid Humate contains almost undetectable levels of mercury, lead, arsenic and other toxic metals. The lowest in the industry

Superior Acidity: Our INNOVATION products boast very low. Other products on the market are significantly less acidic, and therefore less effective. • True Colloidal Suspension: Our liquid is a true suspension, the solids take weeks to settle out.


Highly Charged Particles: Our Humates carry a strong positive anionic charge. Since the elements in the soil carry a negative charge, our humates are magnetically attracted to the elements in the soil. No other product has as much ionic advantage.


Superfine Particle Size: Our liquid can work with any spray equipment without clogging the nozzles… but we go far beyond that. Our uniquely micro-fine particle size means that the effectiveness, penetration and bio-availability of the humates is superior to other products on the market.


Extraordinary Attention to Water Purity: We take extraordinary measures, putting our water through a series of specialized treatments that remove all impurities, contaminates. We also remove all chemically and ionically reactive elements from our water to insure that nothing adversely reacts with or impairs our performance

•The Green Earth Agriculture Organic Liquid Humate System: 

The base ingredients of our Humate products boast a mixture of Humic and non-Humic substances derived from:

  • Plant Residue

  • Lignin

  • Carbohydrates

  • Proteins

  • Phenolic Compounds


Humus substances may be assigned to one of three categories by solubility properties:

  • Humic Acid: Soluble in dilute alkaline solution but insoluble in acid

  • Fulvic Acid: Soluble in acid or basic conditions

  • Humin: Insoluble in both acid and base conditions


These two acids work in conjunction to interact with environmental chemical substances in the following five ways:

  • Sorbtive reactions

  • Solubilizing reactions

  • Catalytic effects on hydrolysis

  • Effects on the microbial processes

  • Photosensitiizing and quenching effects.


Going green makes sense.

Case Studies

-Humic and Fulvic Acids and Their Potential in Crop Production By: David Wright and Andy Lenssen
Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University

-Effect of Sowing Dates and Humic Acid on Productivity and Infection with Rot Diseases of Some Soybean Cultivars Cultivated in New Reclaimed Soil 
By: S.M. ELBaz, El.El. Abbas and R.A.I. Abo Mostafa, 2012
International Journal of Agricultural Research, 7: 345357

-Effect of Potassium Humate on Soil Properties and Growth of Wheat By: Johan Tobias Van Tonder
University of the Bloemfonte, South Africa

-Humic Acid Improves Growth, Yield and Oil Content of Brassica Compestris L. By: Department of Soil Sciences, Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam, Pakistan

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